"lovesick for mina"

When she touched me life, she stole my soul.

I wished the lovelorn feeling never abandoned me, even if it burns with wild flame. My soul, tucked among her black-feathered wings, pierced by her flaming arrow – that would be a nightmare-fueled delight. My spirit, tossed into greatest depths of the demonic realms, would be safer though, than held between thorned threads she woven around my heart.

She was like a lavender wind, created by a dark goddess. She never told me who she was, until my river-bending will didn’t find out – and that became a curse that latched to my soul, drinking black-tinted blood stright from my veins.

I am lost in the mountains of forbidden feelings, as I am blasphemy itself, searching to ever-bind myself with a demon of the twilight. My gods will burn my forlorn name, so it joined my ill-starred desire in the stygian lakes of the underworld. Her shadow will haunt me and will be my fall.

I am lovesick for Mina. She owns my all.

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