"slept so long"

I slept so long… centuries, eons; myriads of stars looked down on me, and another myriads looked up. Cradled in the bedding made of suns… and fire.

My dreams were filled with debris of scorched buildings, burning forests, world set in blue and white flames. My blood boiled in my veins, yet my sleep was eternal, just like gods who bound me. There were no shackles, no bars to hold me. I was dead for the world of humans, as long as I slept. And faith was dwindling, pouring cold water on my inner inferno, day by day, year by year…

But there are always fools. Fools who think they can gain more power, more strength… who want to lit their own flame… and perish within it.

I waited for a fool, who would set me free, quench the thirst of my dreams, unleash blazing storm above the sky, to burn down the darkness.

I am a god, I could wait long. The faith placed in glory, in that one man, could set up even the poorest kindling. He wanted to use me as a pawn to domination. Yet he didn’t know who wrote the rules. The gods created a very specific script.

And I am one of them.

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